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Hash Number:1361
What:Hockessin Hash #1361 - AKA State of Emergency Coshit-19 Hash #21 AKA The Pirates of the Christina Hash
When:Aug. 8, 2020
Where:Norma B. Handloff Park, Newark, DE
Hares:Mary Fucking Poppins
What? Hockessin Hash #1361 AKA State of Emergency Coshit-19 Hash #21 AKA The Pirates of the Christina Hash.
Hare? Mary Fucking Poppins
Why? Because our Hare Razor said I can do whatever I want. As long as I provide pictures. And who doesn’t love a good pirate themed hash? An asshole! That’s who!
When? Saturday, August 8, 2020, anytime after 11:30 am, but don’t wait too late in the day to get started.
Where? Norma B. Handloff Park, AKA Barksdale Park. At 1000 Barksdale Rd, Newark, De 19711. Trail will begin from the smaller of the two parking lots. Which is the one by the skate board ramp and the playground. The one which is further East, and therefore, closer to Main Street and further from the MD line. Knowing that someone will go to the wrong lot anyway. Your hare plans to put a true trail arrow in front of it pointing in the direction of the right one. But I cannot force anybody to notice it. Even it I make it as big as a bus. I have also provided the attached map. Knowing that it will be helpful to anybody who still needs directions, in no way what so ever.
Friendly’s? Sure.
Buried Treasure? There will be buried treasure on some portions of trail. Which may include items of actual use. And which were obtained by methods less unsavory then what Dancing Fool is known for. And, by buried, I do mean that literally. An "X" will mark the spot. An excavator won’t be necessary. But a small garden trough or a pair of gloves could be helpful. Your feet may have to get wet to get to it. And there will also be no extra prize for someone showing up first and taking it all.
Marks? Since "X" will mark buried treasure, a circle, as is used by some other hash groups, will be the check mark for this lay. The 3 marks and you're On rule will be in effect. Unless you come to an "F". I have also attached a key explaining the marks. Knowing that this will only confuse some of you further.
Beer Near? There will be one beer near. Your hare will provide some beverages. But you are still free to bring your own or forsake partaking entirely. Since we don’t want a crowd there, please do not linger for hours and hours. If you need some more social interaction -- the park where trail starts isn’t a bad spot to set up a picnic after trail. And I’m sure there will be another outdoor concert at the D-Point that day. And, with all luck, we’ll get hit with the remnants of another tropical storm that day.
Circle? Is wherever and whenever our RA decides it is. I’m guessing somewhere on Zoom around 7-pee-emm.
What Else: Look at the Attachments to this email -- MFP created some artwork for y'all.
What Else Too: Advice from MFP -- Fellow Wankers and Bimbo's, while hashing in Delaware, please continue to respect health and safety precautions recommended by our governor and not the governor of Florida. Something which I see most of you have been doing a stellar job of. Keep it up and we should be out of this mess by this time next year. Then maybe we can give our newbie, Just Jared, his first proper down down.
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