Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:1341
What:Hockessin Hash #1341 - State of the Coronavirus Emergency Hash, Covid-19-1
When:March 21, 2020
Where:The Jewish Community Center at 101 Garden of Eden Rd, Wilmington, DE
Hares:Cousin It
Dancing Fool
What: Hockessin Hash # 1341 -- State of the Coronavirus Emergency Hash, Covid-19-1
What the Fuck: A message from the hare, Cousin It -- "Should we or shouldn't we ... that is the question. We should ... but let's not temp fate. Taking a walk or run in the woods doesn't have to be fraught with danger. The woods are clean, no filthy door knobs to touch. You won't be allowed to touch each other. And there will be no Apres. You got it, no food or drink. Well maybe beer, but it will be super clean (or BYOB). You can bring your own food if you like. If it's Saturday and you aren't drinking and eating and touching, then what else is there to do? HASH!
When: Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 3:00 HST
Where: Siegal Jewish Community Center on Garden of Eden Road, North Wilmington, DE
Who Hare: Cousin It
What Else: You will not contract thee Coronavirus, because you will not touch anything (I hope). You will walk/run in the Brandywine Creek State Park.
What Else Too: You do you. There will likely be an optional, widely/appropriately-spaced, circle.
Hash Cash: Free/BYOB
Friendlies: Of course. Bring a leash.
D'Erections: This week's hash will convene at the entrance (one of them) of the Brandywine State Park at the end of Garden of Eden Road near the Siegal Jewish Community Center off of Concord Pike (RT 202). From I-95, go north on Rt 202 for two miles. Drive past Silverside Road on your right and make a legal U-turn onto Rt 202 South. Immediately (almost) make a right turn onto Garden of Eden Road. Drive to the end of the road (several hundred yards), make a left and look for Hashers. If you get lost, call Cousin It
Clark Cunt
Cousin It
Dancing Fool
Do Me On the Beach
Lost Penis
Pickle Dick
Tinsel Tits
Woody Woodpecker
Hash Trash
Trash for Hockessin Hash #1341
It was a dark and stormy night ... Oh shit ... It was the best of times it was the ... No err ... Call me Ishmael. Wait what am I writing? I didn't even write my own papers in college. Can I double space this and use 14 point font? *Cracks a beer*
On a beautiful Saturday of March 21st 2020, a few brave and healthy hashers met up at the end of Garden of Eden road in North Wilmington. The half minds I remember assembling while safely maintaining a 6 foot distance from each other included: Skidmarks, Lost Penis, Woody, Clark Cunt, Tinsel Tits, Pickle Dick and Do Me on the Beach. Our hares for the day were Cousin It, Dancing Fool, and Suzie the dog.
A quick explaining of the marks by Cousin It and the pact was off for a leisurely stroll through beautiful Brandywine Creek State Park.
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We followed all kinds of marks each one looking more and more like a check and or a false. Or maybe an arrow?
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The FRBs did not mark many checks so the rest of the pack including Skid, Lost and Woody just wandered some more through the rolling hills of the Brandywine. Outside of Tinsel there was no running today.
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And this is where Cousin It was in the lead and he had no idea where trail went. So we followed.
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This might honestly be the most non-hashers I've seen on a trail. Everyone was out today..
There was a lot of mud and we crossed the streams and went over rocks and things like logs.
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The beer near was behind the Homewood Suites we had Corona and mini bags of mini pretzels.
Do Me stayed behind or did her own trail? (Where's Barb!?) She wasn't at the beer near as we continued to practice social distancing.
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After the BN there was no marked trail back so there will be no hash trash for this section.
(This page intentionally left blank)
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Back at our cars, we found Do Me did a quick circle with Woody as RA. Obtaining black belts in social distancing while we celebrated our hares: Suzie the dog, Cousin It, and Dancing Fool. Suzie, as usual, ran from circle.
All and all another shitty trail.
Stay safe and inside. Check in on your friends and neighbors and see you all next week for #1342
Lost Penis