Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:228
What:Hockessin Hash #228
When:May 5, 1999
Where:Center for Creative Arts, Yorklyn, DE
Hares:All You Can Eat
Nothing here yet
All You Can Eat
Bunion Butt
Cereal Killer
Country Sausage
Devil Woman
Digital Dick
Do Me On the Beach
Fancy Pants
Likes It Long
Queer Balls
Snow Balls
Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH
Run # 228
The Creative Artsy-Fartsy Hash
Hash Trash
5 May 1999
Our first Wednesday hash of 1999! And it was a lovely evening
when 25 hounds of the verdens berømie (world famous) H4 kennel
met around 6:30 at the Center for Creative Arts in the red light
district of Yorklyn, DE. Our new GM, Hornblower, was on board to
celebrate the event.
An effort to initiate a benefit concert for Amish parole violators
was squelched by our randy and rambunctious hares, All You Can
Eat, and Flygirl, who laid down the law (at least something got laid!)
which is-hash, or you get no beer! So, we were off--careening over
the beautiful terrain that graces the Mason-Dixon Line. With great skill
and aplomb the hounds danced with dainty littie steps to avoid the
endless piles of horse droppings on the trail. This was truly one of the
shittiest courses we've ever run-and we mean horseshit, not bullshit.
We zoomed through pretty woodland trails that were free of
deep water crossings, poison ivy, thorns, and those little deer tick
fuckers. Then we cruised over grassy fields that eventually rose up to
a high plateau and gave us a neat view for miles in all directions. The
hounds rampaging this evening were: Bubblehead, Beeper, Bunion
Butt, Likes It Long, Butthead, Cereal Killer, Buffy, Digital Dick,
Do Me On The Beach, Snowballs, Gomez, Devil Woman, Groper,
Himalaya, Deadhead, Cupcakes, Crib Snatcher, Queer Balls,
Country Sausage, Roadkill, Slutmaster,and Fancy Pants.
The course was on the shorter side so that we came to the ON
IN--skipping a midway beer stop--after about 45 minutes. A short
walk up Snuff Mill Row to the home of AlL You Can Eat brought us to
the Apres. Chips, suds, and wine appetized us nicely for the variety
of tasty hot dishes that followed. At our holy shit religious ceremony,
the hares got their beer baptism, and we had a hashus interruptus or
two. We had no cherries to persecute this time.

A congratulatory telegram from Slobodan Milosevic was given
to Himalaya on the occassion of his being named as last year's Most
Enthusiastic Hasher of the H4! A large, engraved silver cup (filled all
the way up with fine beer) was then the moment of a prodigious
DOWN DOWN-the steep price to be paid for his award.
The ass-embled crowd then proceeded to court disaster by
calling on your scribe to make a speech. This was potential lunacy-a
massive exercise in an orgy of masochistic behavior because an
expectation that a college professor can limit himself to lecturing for
less than an hour is one of the great oxymorons in the history of the
world. But Himalaya came through in grand fashion as he needed
only two words to announce his ongoing sexual obsession.