Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:226
What:Hockessin Hash #226
When:April 24, 1999
Hot Pants
Nothing here yet
Blow Harder
Country Sausage
Devil Woman
Do Me On the Beach
Fancy Pants
Gives It Away
Horn Dog
Hot Pants
Make Me an Offer
Queer Balls
Snow Balls
Toxic Shock
Woody Woodpecker
Hash Trash
Hash Trash for Hash # 226
A Nice Story
24 April 1999
nce upon a time there were two hares. Their names were
Groper and Hot Pants. One day they were bored and
decided to run around the mystical land of South Jersey
and leave little piles of flour so their forest friends could bake
cakes. They invited their friends Beeper, Blow Harder, Country
Sausage, Cribsnatcher, Cupcakes, Devil Woman, Do Me, Fancy
Pants, Flygirl, Gives It Away, Gomez, Groper, Hornblower
(Pedalphile), Horn Dog, Hot Pants, Andrew Hot Pants, Josh Hot
Pants, Make me an Offer, Roadkill, Rubber, Erin Rubber, Queer
Balls, Slutmaster, Snowballs, Toxic Shock and Woody, and their
guests Flea & Chick Repellent and Drunken Roadkill, and their
new buddy Ken Buckwheat to come frolic with them in the sun.
To make things more interesting, Groper and Hot Pants left the
flour in a trail that their friends would have to try to follow, but
their friends were having a lot of trouble and shouting "RU?!?1"
and so Hot Pants had to show them where to go. But then they
all got the hang of it and were tromping through the magie woods
yelling "ON ON!!" Mr. Sun was smiling down on everyone and all
of the trees were smiling too- they created some shade so nobody
got too hot.
But then the little piles of flour led out of the magic woods tO SOme
empty place that looked like the moon, except other creatures had
been there and left some belongings behind. Mr. Wind was blow-
ing hard trying to discourage everybody from going too fast. The
little trail led to the edge of the mighty Delaware River, where it
winded its way through the Meanies: there everybody went past
some mean fishermen trying to kill the river dwellers and
through the mean sticker bushes that made some people bleed
and past some mean asphalt chunks that grabbed some people's
ankles and made them fal.
Soon everybody got away from the meanies and ran through the
enchanted forest until they came out on some more barren lands.
The friends were getting tired and thirsty. Then, somebody saw a
special sign that said, "BN." He shouted, "BEER NEAR, BEER
NEAR!" and soon everybody chimed in and were all excited. Sure
enough, as they rounded a curve, they came upon the special
magic vehicle that carried the essential potion that would bring
ener&y and revive everyone. They all stood around smiling and
happy. But then Groper and Hot Pants said that everybody had to
try to follow the trail some more.
So the hasher friends started trying to follow the trail again. They
sOon came upon a mark that Mr. Giant, a friemd of Groper and Hot
Pants, left in a big mud flat. It was a check mark that was as wide
as 50 hashers laid end to end. Everyone marvelled at how nice
Mr. Giant was to help Groper and Hot Pants. And soon the
friends found trail again. They went through dried up mud flats
and along a ridge of giant reeds before cutting into some woods
Mr. Asphalt decided to make his appearance right then. The
friends ran and ran on Mr. Asphalt. He was hard and long. Some
of the friends were complaining because they were getting tired
and thirsty again. Some were wishing the magic vehicle with the
special potion would reappear.And sure enough, it did!
Everybody drank the potion and got revived again. The trees were
smiling and keeping everybody cool and shady.
But then Groper and Hot Pants said everybody had to follow the
trail some more. Mr. Asphalt helped by leading everybody back to
their cars, and then let everybody drive their cars on him to get
to Hot Pants' den. There Mr. Pizza was waiting with many of his
friends to feed the hungry hashers. And there was more magic
potion to drink. And they all lived happily ever after.
Postscript: It's been a fun year writing the trash and T hope you've enjoyed them as
much as ve enjoyed writing them. Please tell your new(?) TrashMaster how much
you like or dislike the trashes - anything! - we like to hear what you think. And thanks
again to the tireless Cribsnatcher, who really has outdone himself getting things done
for the hash. Oh, and one other thing - FUCK YOUSE! (I mean that in only the kind
est of ways) - DW