Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:6
What:Hockessin Hash #6
When:June 7, 1995
Where:Mt. Pleasant High School, Wilmington, DE
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Hash Trash
Grand Master: Edinburgh (I need a new Hash name) Bob
Spiritual Sage (Who is this guy): Village Idiot
On-Sec: Rubber
Hockessin HHH or H4
7 June 1995
377th Anniversary of the passing of Thomas West De La Warr
T'm not sure what he passed)
(If I knew what he ate I could tell you what he passed)

Entourage: Edinburgh Bob, Jerry, Rubber, Postman (Ass-wipe), Squire Malcolm of
Liverpool, Claudia and Cherries Jan and Dean(No, they are the singers)
Jan and Dave
Setting: Bellevue State Park
Ownership: The State
What State: I forgot, state of amnesia maybe
Weather: Hazy, Hot and Humid or the 3 H's
Time: 18:00
Question: Why is it exactly that we do this?

It was a day like many other days, but YOU are there. The 6:00 pm hash started from
Mount Pleasant High School, with more than a little chaos. It just happens to be that this
school has multiple parking lots and a few of the hardy crowd had to be re-directed to the
other lot. Despite the confusion the hash started on time at 6:15pm when the hare, our
very own Grand Master Edinburgh (I want another hashname) Bob, directed the pack of
hounds to the first mark and the ON-ON was sounded.
The pack found their way through the back lot of the school and into a State Park. It
seems that to avoid the $2.50 entry fee the hare decided to run into the park, a noble way

to dodge the local mounties. It was not long before the pack found their way onto a track,
and they found upon this track a new kind of hash marking, (a three headed arrow) of
which they had been forewarned.
At the track I was reminded of some fellow hashers who while running a hash came upon
some tracks. The first hasher said that he thought the tracks were deer tracks. The
second hasher said they were definitely raccoon tracks. They called the third hasher over
to settle their argument, they asked him if he thought they were deer tracks, or raccoon
tracks. Before this third hasher could answer they were all three hit by a train.
Anyway on the pack of hounds coasted into a paddock area were the hare was particularly
exasperatedaggravated by the fact that no hounds fell for a false trail he had laid. Bob
was to get his revenge however, for the trail left the park and into an industrial office
complex, at this point the trail went down a steep hil. The FRB Rubber followed the 6 or
7 hash marks downhill only to find an F at the bottom. The Grand Master was heard
cackling at the top of the hill as the pack came back up.
The remainder of the hash was relatively flat and not worthy of note, one thing noticed by
many at this hash was the uncanny knack of the "Postman" (asswipe) to take a false trail
and shortcut the whole pack and beat the pack to the next check. This happened more
than once at this hash, take notice hares, a shortcutting FRB is the Postman.
At the On-In Down-Downs were performed by cheries Jan and Dave. The liquid
refreshment was extremely welcome as this was a brutaly hot and humid day. The
frozen yogurt was definitely one of the two, but tasted pretty good anyhow. The hounds
transported Bob's coolers to the parking area and then left the park the way they came
bypassing the fees by running out.
De Shadow
Hash Calendar
Saturday June 10th 4:00 PM Bellevue State Park - Mini Hash and Barbecue (Today)
Wednesday, June 14th 6:00PM Newark - Meet at suburban Plaza
Wednesday, June 21st 6:00PM Lums Pond State Park (Bring extra shoes and socks)
Meet at the end of Buck Naked Jersey Road

Wednesday June 28th 6:00PM Newark 896 & Wedgewood Roads
Saturday July Ist 4:00 PM Newark - Fairfield Shopping Center
Receding Hareline
6/14/95 Chuck, EB
6/21/95 Jerry, Rubber
6/28/95 Asswipe
7/1/95 Asswipe (Mini-hash/Barbecue)