Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:1334
What:Hockessin Hash #1134 - State of Emergency Hash
When:Feb. 1, 2020
Where:222 Delaware Street, New Castle, DE
Hares:Dead End
What: Hockessin Hash #1334, State of Emergency Hash
When: Saturday, February 1, 2020 A.D. at 3:00pm HST
Where: Sonora at the David Finney Inn, New Castle, DE
Special Note: If you are coming, send an email to Dead.end.h4@gmail.com, so he know how much food, booze, and cigars to have on hand. Sin Seriously, Dead End.
Who Hare: Dead End
What Else: You know ... It’s that time of the year! Because no putz sitting in a governor’s mansion can tell us what to do, during a snow “flurry”.
Friendlys: Nope.
Hash Cash: $7
D'erections: From I-95, take the exit for Rt. 141 East/New Castle. Go past the airport, Rt. 13, and William Penn High School and take a left onto Rt. 273. Then bear right onto Delaware Street into Old New Castle. Sonora is on the corner of Delaware and 3rd. Look for parking on the street. Park, walk to Sonora, get your drink on.
Beulah Ball-Breaker
Bunion Butt
Butt Lite
Dead End
Do Me On the Beach
Gaydar The Penetrator
Happy Ending
Lost Penis
Mary Fucking Poppins
Mount Me
Pickle Dick
Smells Like Hash Spirit
Spit Bucket
The Wetter the Better
Tinsel Tits
Wet Lay
Hash Trash
Hash Trash for Hockessin Hash #1334
So the slobbering pack gathered up once again at the Sonora at the Dave Finney Inn in Ye’ Old New Castle for the 10th anniversary of the State of Emergency Hash on the fine slightly drizzly afternoon of Saturday February the First, 2020 AD.
Hashers Present at some point included: Do Me on the Beach, Beulah Ballbreaker, Spitbucket, Wetter the Better, Asshopper, PubeHeAteHer, NecroFeelMeUp, Lost Penis, Skidmarks, Pickle Dick, Tinsel Tits, Happy Ending, Wet Lay, Bunion Butt, Gaydar the Penatrator, Mary Fucking Poppins, Buttlite, Groper, Mount Me, and many, many others.
Our hares for the day were once again, Dead End with help with the spread from Smells Like Hash Spirit.
And so we enjoyed a drink or two at the bar, before surprisingly, eventually departing from the bar to go on something resembling an actual trail, after Dead End regaled us with the tale of the original state of emergency hash. Soon enough most of us were off. Of course, their were a few who were so lazy they still stayed behind as auto hashers. Dead End pointed to the side door then told us to look right.
On! On!
We followed marks through the back patio and out onto West Turd Street. Down Turd street we went following the marks all the way to the end where we met the mighty Delaware River.
On! On!
Seeing no other obvious direction the FRB’s meandered left for a little and followed the river walk path until an arrow pointing left was discovered there.
On! On!
We found a mark or two on the trees in Battery Park and so meandered back in the general direction of Delaware Street. And so the DFL’s saw an opportunity an opportunity to short cut, cutting out at least .2 miles from a trail that couldn’t have been longer than .75 of a mile.
On! On!
We found a mark on the sidewalk at the edge of Battery Park. And Skidmarks found the remains of some dead bird and decided to play with it for a little while.
On! On!
We found a mark or two leading us back to Delaware Street and back up the road to where we started.
Here we enjoyed another beer or two, whilst we waited for the DFL’s and the late cummers to arrive before we began circle.
And so about a case of Double Fat Arrogant Bastard Ale was set aside for us out on the back patio as eventually down-downs from it were poured. And our hare for the day Dead End also ran circle with consultation from Spit Bucket.
Penalties and Awards were dished out. Songs were sung. But only the shorter ones as per request of our RA for the day. And down-downs were done.
The hares drank. As did the first in and last. As did the interrupts and the auto hashers. As did the dry lips.. Then announcements were made. And the hash went in peace.
And so after circle we hung out on the patio for a while. Seeing that it was barely 4pm. And seeing that the food wasn’t ready and seeing that we still had a good deal of beer to kill.
But so, a little while after, a fine, fine and plentiful spread from Smell Like Hash Spirit was provided for us in the Red Room. This included: Duck Egg Rolls, Creamed Spinach, Scalloped Potatoes, Roast Beast, and a fine, fine, tasty, tasty veggie lasagna. Along with some beer and some desserts provided by Wet Lay.
And pigged out we did. And laughed we did and a fine time was had.
Stay tuned for Hockessin Hash #1335 this cumming Saturday.
On! On!